"Karate Film Cafe is the best anti-depressant one could think of. (The side-effects are most pleasant.) Even if you arrive quite miserable you're guaranteed to leave the cinema
a happier person!"

H.P. Daniels, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin

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kfc trailer
"Which ism is Best?"

KFC TRAILER: "Karate School"
Photos Stills From Karate Film Cafe
Photo Stills From
Karate Film Café
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Annie is in love with her Professor. He doesn't feel the same..

In Hollywood, California, on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, we find a Karate School with a weird type of karate, a DVD store with movies that nobody wants, and a Café with the world's worst cook. Add to the story a crazy Italian with a deadly secret; a musician with terrible allergies; a computer nerd who thinks everyone is in love with her, and you have 90 minutes of love, death, bad food and good music: KARATE FILM CAFÉ.

Karate Film Café
was shot in Los Angeles on a soundstage in Korea Town. Cast and crew flew in from The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, France and Germany to come together for this
international labor of love. They built the sets, lived together, ate together, with hardly a day off, and created a truly independent film. Bright Blue Gorilla's goal is to make uplifting art and
bring out the best in each other which happened big-time during the KFC shoot.

The Production Team
(in egotistical order)
Principal Cast
(in alphabetical order)
Featured Cast
(in alphabetical order)
Supporting Cast
(in alphabetical order)
The Band
(in order of amount of noise they made)
The Girls of Max
(a category unto themselves)
Written, Directed, Edited by:
Denis Aubert
Arletta Albers
Mia Antonelli
Isabelle McHugh
Michael Glover
as Maurice
Jonathan Bargiel
Nina Louise Barkhuus
Alan Myers
as Simone Cousteau
Lisbeth Barkhuus
Stephanie Bergman
Produced by:
Joseph Beck
Fred Beshid
Jason Bold
Agatha Osayande
Robyn Rosenkrantz
as Sensei
Lucius Bryant III
Amber Bonasso
Dan Dorschel
as Alicia Parkway
Sophie Cortina
Elena Byington
Creative Consultant and Co-Producer:
Roberta Bianchini
Denise Devin
Anna Dekker 
Guitar and Vocals:
Sabra Shelly
Fred Beshid
as Gina
Daniel Drew
Tom Forrester 
Brian Joseph
as Sally O'Neil
Kelly Ehlert
Shawn Freeman
Assistant Director:
Michael Dunn
Cale Espinel
Sokrates Frantzis
Dorit Simone K.F.
Katja Nitzschke
as Max
Michael Glover
Jae Garcia
Sarah Kramer
as Trish Clarkson
Matthew Gossin
Michelle Gillette
Sound Design:
Kristin James
Damon Jacob Grossman
Jon Harris
Patricia Grant (IV)
André Bunt
as Sherrie
Patricia Harrison
Greg Hassen
Arletta Albers
as Penelope Hill
Henry James
Leila Hurlin
Lisbeth Barkhuus
Art Direction, Makeup and Wardrobe:
Brian Joseph
Ulrik Jørgensen
David Kaufman
Cj Merriman
Lisbeth Barkhuus
as Stew
Amir Khalighi
as Cindy Smith
Introducing: Lily Khalighi
Jolee Kim
Sarah Rosenkrantz
Dawn Meyer
Charles Kramer
Chelsea Weld
Dan Dorschel
as Annie
Matthew Lee Nelson
Michael Earl Lane
as Kelly Beach
Brett Perkins
Luc Langen
Choreography and Coaching:
Josh T. Ryan
Jim Petersmith
Jonny Lewis
Emily Howe
Arletta Albers
as Jeff
Norman Rosenkrantz
Beverly Loney
as June Robbins
Robyn Rosenkrantz
Naomi Nektare
Script Supervisor:
Sarah Ruth Ryan
Charley Rossman
Arielle Paul
Laura Nargi
Lia Minheere
as Mary
Grey Schmidt
Ketryn Porter
as Lucy Diamonds
Wendy Arimah Trinidad
Yaniv Rokah
Set Construction and Boom:
Special Guest Star
David Zink
Jessica Timsit
Luc Langen
Burton Jespersen
Prisca Gloor Maung
as The Apache Chief
Lia Minheere
Opening Titles by:
Katja Nitzschke
Laila K. Jensen
Lisa Norlie
Claire Marie-Peterson
Subtitles by:

KFC Cinema Poster!
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Simone Rosenkrantz
Laila K. Jensen (Danish)
Kristie Taise
Pieter de Groote (Dutch)
Gabriel Thorburn
Katja Nitzschke (German)
Ellie Warrum
Katrin Weber

All music by Bright Blue Gorilla except:

"I'm Allergic (To Everything But You)"
Written by Bright Blue Gorilla and Brian Joseph

Written by Brian Joseph

"Lazy Afternoon"
Written by Bright Blue Gorilla and David Zink